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Jewellery Repair

At Ultra Jewellers, we believe that minor scratches and broken chains shouldn’t keep you from wearing your favorite jewellery. That’s why we offer full-service repairs, including gem polishing, clasp replacement, and more. We specialize in all types of jewellery repairs, whether you bought it at our store or not.

Our repair services include:

  • Jewellery cleaning and inspection
  • Ring sizing and shank repair
  • Claw repair and retipping
  • Stone tightening, replacement, and remounting
  • Polishing and rhodium plating
  • Clasp and chain repair
  • Pearl and bead restringing
  • Engraving on all types of surfaces
  • And much more!
Repairing jewellery by an expert

Whether you need a simple repair procedure or full stone replacement, our expert jewellers can help. Bring in your jewellery for a free repair estimate while you shop.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction and use only the highest quality materials and tools for all our repairs. Our experienced jewellers have the skills and expertise to restore your jewellery to its former glory, ensuring that you can continue to wear and enjoy it for years to come.

Top Questions and Answers About Jewellery Repair

Our turnaround time is usually less than one week and we often complete repairs within a couple of days.

We do all jewellery repairs in our own workshop. This is how we ensure consistent quality control and quick turnaround times.

Many jewellery stores send repair orders out-of-province to contracted goldsmiths. This results in increased costs and wait times. At Ultra Jewellers, we do all custom and repair work in our state-of-the-art goldsmithing shop.

We specialize in all types of jewellery repairs, whether you bought it at our store or not.

Phone: (780) 249-0303

What our clients say
Tried two different engravers in the city who didnt want to touch the belt buckle, because of the curve and the hardware on the back. Ryan got it done that day and called me after he finished saying he loved the challenge. You can see from the photos it turned out awesome.
- Paul Shapka , review on
I was able to sell my silver coins on the spot. I got a free education on how to preserve value on silver coins and the service rendered was excellent. I recommend 👌
- Shakur Nour , review on
Ryan thank you so much for helping me get the husbands chain and cross fix, after my experience with a jewelry store who took 7 weeks to fix a claw it was a total disaster with them. You are truly a great person who help me out and fixing it. I now know how it is to be respected. I have not had that kind of treatment or kindness in a long time and you have shown that. Thank you again Ryan and you now have a customer for life and I will be letting my very large family know about your location as well.
- C Crockett , review on
Great service, 👍 👌 👍 i will be customer for sure. The owner is the best guy, he knows how to treat people.
- Hora S122 2 , review on
Very nice people, I brought my watches to get new batteries and the service was really fast, friendly and well priced. I would definitely recommend them for watch and jewelry repair, and apparently they can also custom make jewelery.
- Chris Bekiaridis , review on


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